Bringing a new view to active lifestyles

Our Brands

Find Your Freedom

Balancing versatility, comfort and performance so the trike disappears and the experience lasts. A commitment to product that brings inclusivity through value and approachability.

Possibilities Amplified

Dedication to superior design maximizing human potential, pushing the limits of what's possible and inspiring the highest levels of recumbent cycling adventures and endeavors.

We take pride in improving the lifestyle of our customers every day


Starting as an idea roughly sketched onto a cocktail napkin, Grand Rapids based WizWheelz has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings into an industry leader. Between two brands, a dedicated staff, a nation-wide dealer network, and expansive product line, nobody works harder to deliver active lifestyles for all.

We'll be there first

As the industry leader we continue to reach for the beyond. We’re not content with being the first to market with a carbon fiber recumbent, production e-assist recumbents, and retrofit electric systems. What will the future bring? We don’t know but we plan on bringing you the best and being there first.